advanced marketing analytics

Advanced Analytics

For Better Decision Making

Advanced marketing analytics to generate real-time reports and understand your campaign’s reach and performance.

Powerful analytics and real-time reports for your campaign goals

Understanding how well your campaign is performing is the first step to success. Generate and track a precise and timely report for every single email that has been sent.

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performance tracking

Performance Tracking

Get an overview of the campaign's lead behavior. Supported with real-time reports, the campaigns performance can be easily tracked and the ongoing campaign can be modified.

all-in-one dashboard

All-in-one Dashboard

Contactspot is crafted to make marketing automation simple for everyone, even beginners. Its interactive dashboard is simple with a sleek overview of the campaigns you have created. Contactspot’s dashboard gives an overview of ongoing campaigns, active campaigns, paused campaigns and drafted drip campaigns.

real-time reports

Real-time Reports

Retrieve real-time reports that not only shows the ongoing campaigns’ performance but also the real-time actions of the campaigns created. With real-time reports, you can get an overview of the emails opened, the recent campaigns created, email recipients’ actions such as opened, link clicked, skipped or unsubscribed.

All your frequently asked questions answered

It helps you view the number of emails sent versus opened and clicked.

A higher email open rate and clicked rate is an indication of the performance of the email.

The Dashboard will give you a clear view of the Campaign email. It tracks the email open rate and clicked rate.

Email sending is Skipped if the email address is invalid or the email sending limit is exceeded.

Yes! you can filter the reports for every campaign with respect to date.

Yes! you can export reports to a CSV file or download a pdf copy of the report. It also gives you an option to download the image in .png, jpeg or svg vector image format.

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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented. Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!


Thank you Ronnie for your prompt support today with my email issue. Using Agile CRM has been a very pleasant experience and the product is top notch. I recommend A++.

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