Best Marketing Automation Software

Run things on autopilot and meet high expectations of today’s consumers through the simplest and most efficient Marketing Automation tool.

Email marketing software for your business needs

  • Build powerful campaigns with a simple drag and drop builder.

  • Automate your drip email campaigns with sophisticated workflow automation.

  • Understand your lead’s behavior with in-depth analytics and real-time reports.

  • Engage and reach your customer’s inbox with responsive email templates.

best marketing automation software

Marketing Automation

Build your lead nurturing system with ease, create multiple campaigns with the simple drag-and-drop option, add effective nodes, segregate relevant leads and automate drip campaigns.

marketing automation
flow builder

Flow Builder

Create effective workflows with the easy drag and drop option, add effective nodes, segregate relevant leads and automate drip campaigns.

email templates

Email Templates

Pre-defined templates in Contactspot allow you to choose a responsive email template that has to be sent to your customers for any occasion.

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Contact Management

Nurture your customers through Contactspot’s advanced contact management. Add new leads without altering pre-existing potential contacts by importing through third-party channels.

contact management
lead scoring

Lead Scoring

Score your leads automatically/manually based on their activity to your drip campaigns.

activity tracker

Activity Tracker

Smart activity tracker allows you to understand the drip campaign journey you created and your activities.

lead segregation

Lead Segregation

With advanced automation, you can import the leads, add tags and segregate them automatically for effective email targeting.

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Drip Campaigns

Reach your leads and customers on time, every time. Predefined templates allow you to choose from the best in the gallery while automation takes care of your emailing process with lead nurturing.

drip campaigns
automate campaigns

Automate Campaigns

Easily automate drip campaigns by providing desired conditions and setting up the campaign planner.

customized templates

Customized Templates

Advanced yet easy template editors in Contactspot. Now edit your templates with easy drag and drop advanced template builder.

ab testing

AB Testing

Understand what your users want by performing split testing and make decisions with robust data.

drip campaign planner

Drip Campaign Planner

A single action button to create a new campaign supported with unique triggers for every new campaign created.

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Multichannel Marketing

Take your digital marketing to the next level with instant WhatsApp messaging, send personalised and timely messages to your leads, and make use of email marketing that comes with pre-defined templates and much more.

multichannel marketing
email marketing

Email Marketing

Use predefined templates, the power of email automation and more to run effective email campaigns.

sms marketing

SMS Marketing

Integrate with Twilio to run effective SMS marketing campaigns and increase your reach for better brand awareness.

whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Go to the next level with advanced WhatsApp marketing feature of Contactspot that gives you more closer reach to potential customers.

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Advanced Analytics

Get an overview of ongoing campaigns, retrieve real-time reports on emails opened, links clicked, etc, track performance, do a/b testing, and much more.

advanced analytics
performance tracking

Performance Tracking

Track overall campaign performance and make informed decisions to optimize campaigns and get improved results.

all-in-one dashboard

All-in-one Dashboard

The interactive dashboard gives an overview of ongoing/active, paused and drafted drip campaigns.

real-time reports

Real-time Reports

With real-time reports, one can get an overview of emails opened, recent campaigns, email recipient’s actions for the emails sent.

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